Understanding The Grounds For Divorce In Canada

Divorce is recognized as a legal procedure that allows disagreeing couples to terminate their marriage. However, it is worth noting that the grounds for divorce must demonstrate that divorce is the only option left for couples in marriage. The Canadian law requires that a party give reasons in a divorce petition before being granted divorce.

However, you may also file a no-fault divorce. Some common fault grounds include cruelty, infidelity, and abandonment. To justify your claims, the court will require that you prove the allegations, otherwise the court will refuse to grant your divorce. If you are contesting divorce Manitoba, you will need an experienced lawyer to offer a defence against the grounds that your spouse is putting forward before the court.

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Fault Grounds Have Negative Effects on Alimony and Property Division

Filing a divorce on fault grounds is often accompanied by a contest since it can affect the manner in which the court may divide your property. It has the effect on spousal support and alimony. In most cases, marital misconduct can be invoked to decide whether to grant divorce and how to divide the property in question.

A Divorce Attorney Can Help

The law governing grounds for divorce is sophisticated and requires one to hire a legal counsel who understands the Canadian divorce law. You can find Canada divorce information here to help you navigate the process of filing for divorce.

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